Thursday, July 9, 2009

Soul’s Fire

Illustration inspired by a Magic the Gathering Card. Big THANK YOU to everyone that gave me feedback during the process (Sarah, Teddy, Le and Edgar). Nothin’ but love!

“An Avatar he sculpts of anger and flame.”

Alchemy Sketch (ballerina mode, ^^ lol). I MUST point out that the card meant for a fire elemental, NOT a demon/devil. So obviously, my sketch failed in the begining, so I took it to photoshop and edited it to fit the description better.

Alchemy Session

Grayscale and Color

Alchemy Session

Final Illustration (actual size: 1785 X 1784)

Alchemy Session


-Kalen Chock- said...

lemme paint those clouds lol

Nino said...

eh, well i did that on purpose. i dont want to over render. but i guess if enough ppl whine at me about those smoke/dust... i'll get on it.

Jon Richardson said...

yo mang just hopping through saying what's up, and looking at these makes me want to mess around with alchemy it looks like mad fun.