Friday, May 13, 2011

Sketchings and UI Skin Project update

Some fatso head and a quick baby fanart of my good friend
Teddy’s ‘The Papes’
not_so_fatso sketch_pg029

This is my most current build of the HUD/GUI (click the image for a bigger size) Yay!ui_wip_042011

1. HUD Bar. Displays my CPU and RAM performance, along with my network speed (upload and download).
2. Hard Disk Drive Read Outs. Shows how much memory is free, clicking these would take me to their respective drives.
3. Google Search Bar. This one is a modified version of Poiru’s Gnometer module. Had to make it match my set :)
4. Object Dock. Works like the dock in MacOS
but with some other features.
5. Task Manager button. It’s intentionally faint, a triangle with 1px light gray border to keep it look clean.
6. (Up top) Uptime. Keeps track of how long my computer has been on.
7. Incinerator. An homage to Portal, it’s really just Recycle Bin.
It displays how many files are in there and how much memory
it’s taken up.
8. Hidden System Tray icons. Hovering my mouse in that general area pops up the tray icons for programs running in the background.
9. Temperature and Weather Condition
10. Time, Day and Date
11. Folder. Not sure if I’m going to make these much because of (12)
12. Launchy, with my custom skin. A smart bar, where I can type the name of a program, file or folder I want to open. Fast, saving me time from clicking folder-to-folder and keep my desktop from icon clutter.
13. Google Calendar Button. Stay Organize and on Task!
Lastly, background is a screenshot I took while playing DeadSpace2 :) Shoot their limbs!!!!

How it is now, I have everything I need at the moment. I can add stuff as I go when I see that I need something or think it would be really cool to have as part of the HUD. Future features I want to add are:
- Animations! These objects deserve to be moving, making my desktop alive. I haven’t figured out how to do this on RainMeter yet, but I will take the time soon.
- Faded/foggy/blurred UI elements, just to add depth
because it’s flat right now =/
- Some ellipses in perspective to add depth as well.
- Background personally made and fitted right for the UI
- Dual Screen support!
- Matching sounds. I really like the one’s from the Armored Core series. Must find a way to get or make them.
- Slideshow window. This would be ideal for when I’m doing quick studies and just something to have in the back flipping through my collection of inspirations, art, photography, 3D.
That’s it for now, sorry if this was boring or so geeky, but I trully enjoyed working on this :D. I’ll post more updates when I hit some major changes.

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Sutefeni said...

holy crap I think I just died of a nerdgasm. I shall try this soon :D