Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some Art and a Personal Side Project

Here’s a few of the sketches I did when I moved and had no internet. Having no internet (other than from work) for three months gave me time to sort through some of the necessities. Must keep drawing, painting and creating art no matter what, no excuses. No noodling, no lollygagging! :D


The next couple of images are sneak peeks of a side project for myself, kinda re-skinning my desktop interface inspired by couple of UIs/HUDs you've seen in movies and a video I saw on YouTube.

WIP // these were taken a couple weeks back.
Will upload their current versions soon.
bottom left overlay
bottom right overlay
top right overlay
and a logo to go with it.


Sutefeni said...

Ohhhhh coooool!!

bangbangteng said...

Killin' it man! Keep it up!

Nino said...

@sutefeni - wait till i figure out how to make it move!! :)

@teng - thanks man, fo sho, keep pushin forward!